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This conference is the perfect place where such thoughts and ideas will be shared and bounced around to raise awareness of the seriousness of the situation. Main topics this year will be from three renowned speakers that are experts in their fields:

Carsten Beck (Director, Copenhagen Institute Of Futures Studies) will shed light on topics of artificial intelligence, robotics, and automatization of jobs with its influence on human being.

Marjaana Manninen (Counsellor of Education, Finnish National Agency for Education) will talk about new Finland model of education and what are its goals. Annika Lillemets (Green Party, member of The Parliament, Sweden) topic is six hour work day.

Be proactive, think about future of society, listen to new experiences, make a difference!

People – Life Conferences 2017 will be held at Kaptol Boutique Cinema – Hall 5, Nova Ves 17 on May 4th. (entry is not free, registration required)