Krešimir Kučko


Krešimir Kučko

Mr KREŠIMIR KUČKO, President & CEO Croatia Airlines

Mr Krešimir Kučko was born in 1966 in Zagreb where he graduated from Mathematics and Computer Sciences Gymnasium and in 1991 achieved Master degree in Economics and international exchange at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb.

He began his career in Croatia airlines in 1992, serving as the Sales Manager in Zagreb Head Office for four years and in 1996 was appointed Country manager for Switzerland where he spent next 5 years. Then he returned to Zagreb Head office where he spent the following three years at the position of Head for domestic market.

In period from 2004 to 2012 he served as Croatia airlines Regional manager for Benelux located in Amsterdam. In 2012 Mr Kučko was appointed President & CEO Croatia Airlines.

Extensive airline experience that Mr Kučko has gained in various business surroundings, provided him with skills and knowledge necessary for managerial position, not limited to travel and tourism industry only. In the capacity of President &CEO, Mr Kučko is playing a key role in positioning Croatia Airlines as the leading airline in the region, initiating modernization of the airline that should be prepared for the challenges of the global aviation market. He has also made a decisive contribution to the completion of major successful projects within the airline, such as organizational restructuring.

During the past several years his focus has been on implementation of the Croatia Airlines restructuring programme that comprises wide range of measures concerning strategic, operating and financial restructuring. These highly demanding and delicate decisions directly contributed to achievement of Company’s net profit in 2013, reached for the first time after long period of negative trends. Positive results continued in forthcoming years and on December 31, 2015 restructuring process was successfully completed, fully respecting EU State aid rules.

Mr Kučko published two scientific papers, “Airline Organizing and Management Specific Features” and “Analysis of Airline Competition in Croatia”, based on the experience gained in process of airline restructuring.

On CEO position he is actively promoting industry goals through participations in important industry associations such as IATA and through targeted dialogue with Croatian representatives in the European Parliament and other relevant Croatian institutions.

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