The American Way of Dealing with the Education System


The American Way of Dealing with the Education System

Is it only about Money?

Different countries around the world deal with education system flaws differently. Sometimes the Government decides to completely reform the system (Finland, to be discussed at the People Conference, and sometimes generous donation help make the current system better.

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan are to donate USD 5 million to TheDream.US, a fund which finances the education of undocumented immigrants. With this donation hundreds of students will be able to receive higher education across the United States. In a post written on Facebook, Zuckerberg said that it must not be forgotten that America was founded as a nation of immigrants.
“We ought to welcome smart and hardworking young people from every nation, and to help everyone in our society achieve their full potential. If we help more young immigrants climb the ladder to new opportunities, then our country will make greater progress,” Zuckerberg wrote.
His donation will enable as many as 400 immigrants to attend college in the San Francisco Bay Area. Zuckerberg said he wishes that the money will help to these young people pursue meaningful careers that will bring them overall well-being.

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