About Us


About Us

Infoarena Group is a leader in business events organisation (conferences, round tables, and forums), which enables
networking within a specific industry and delivers a premium business network and business content to both business and public community.
Infoarena’s events are widely recognised as a place of high potential for gaining competitive advantage on the market within different industries.

Infoarena’s events contribute to creating a positive business environment, especially for the countries in the region which are in the transition process, and offer the platform where best business practices, experiences and industry breakthroughs are presented and discussed by industry leaders from all of the region, Europe and the world.

Since its establishment in 1992, Infoarena Group has hosted 350 events in South- Eastern Europe with over 30,000 participants, mostly owners and top management of the industry leaders, thus strongly contributing to the affirmation and business development in the region.

To create and maintain relevant and up to date business content, Infoarena provides a multidisciplinary approach by consulting and hosting eminent experts in a specific industry, entrepreneurs, business owners, management, public sector, investors, business consultants
and media.

Infoarena Group conducts its business in an innovative, flexible and proactive way by delivering relevant business content, products, services and contacts based on offline and online solutions that suit clients’ and users’ everyday activities.